We are hiring!

We are looking for talented and highly motivated early career researchers educated in chemistry, physics, materials science, engineering or related subjects. The position is opened with a deadline on 31st March 2021. More info in Applications section.

Mini Conference 15/20/2020

Mini-conference by the 15 ESRs to present their objectives for the PhD and to cap off 2020 before the holidays! Good job Megan Smeaton (NUI Galway), Maryam Toufani (NUI Galway), Carolina Pulignani (University of Cambridge), Kathrin Naumann (DTU), Alexey Galushchinskiy (Max Planck Institute), Horatiu Szalad (UP Valencia), Pavle Nikacevic (ICIQ), Francesca Lorenzutti (EPFL), Roberto Valenza […]

Kick-off meeting

We had a great plan for a kick-off meeting in Galway, Ireland, with the recruitment event for ESRs. However, COVID-19 appeared and we had to adapt to the current circumstances. Our first meeting went online on March 20th 2020 with an overview of the project and a comprehensive recruitment process for most of the ESR […]