Science in the Pyrenees

It’s summer but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t time for learning! Earlier this month one of our early stage researchers (ESRs) Carolina Pulignani, was in the Pyrenees spreading the word about Artificial Photosynthesis at Joves i Ciència programme. Surrounded by the wonder of nature it was an eventful couple of weeks full of science. Carolina says that “sharing knowledge is one of the most important part of being a scientist and if we want more people to get involved and participate in the fight against climate change, we need to share what we know”.

“Encouraging the scientific vocation of twelve extremely talented young people during the most incredible two weeks of theirs lives (and mine too)!” Carolina Pulignani

Fundacio Catalunya la Pedrera youth and science is gifted programme targeted at students in their 4th year secondary school (ESO) which aims to encourage the next generation of scientists, talented young people with a drive to research, in a fun action packed experience in beautiful surroundings.  Carolina was part of the research team for ‘From natural to artificial photosynthesis: the search for new fuels’. “During the past two weeks, I did not simply teach what I love the most, science, together with some of the best scientists I know, I have also learn a lot. The students I met were extraordinary and they made this one of the most incredible experiences of my life!”

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The project focused on chemistry, physics and engineering, combining fieldwork and practical work in the lab and introducing the young people to photochemistry, electrochemistry, catalysis and nanotechnology. 12 students aged 15-17 learned how to make use of sunlight to produce green fuels! Carolina “loved every single part of it” and “even though I was exhausted after entire days spent in class/lab/activities, I would do it 1000 times all over again!” She would like to thank all the members of the ‘fotitos’ team: Cam, Laia, Lorenzo, Michael and Ernest “for the support and the amazing time we had!”

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