MEMBRASENZ SARL (“MS”) was founded in June 2019 in Ecublens, Switzerland (Innovation Park EPFL Lausanne) by Dr Jelena Stojadinovic. After successfully running MEMBRASENZ GmbH since its foundation in 2015, as a Spin-off of the Centre for Electrochemical Sciences at the Ruhr-University Bochum, Dr J. Stojadinovic added a Swiss entity to the ownership structure. The activities of MEMBRASENZ are R&D, production and commercialization of composite advanced materials (membranes) used in electrolysis for hydrogen production and other energy conversion systems. MEMBRASENZ vision is to be the global supplier of innovative resource supporting products enabling the sustainability of sense and integrity based energy systems, while the mission of the company is to supply innovative membrane solutions for electrolysers, fuel cells and batteries industry and make hydrogen universally accessible. MEMBRASENZ is also engaged in design, construction and sales of the laboratory test cells for ionic conductivity and oxygen permeation determination, and provides consultancy and lecturing services related to electrolytic hydrogen production and other energy conversion processes.

Dr Jelena Stojadinovic, CEO/Founder, PhD Materials Science and Engineering EPFL CH, is an entrepreneur with competences related to material engineering and technology, as well as management and marketing. She obtained her first MSc degree in 1998 in Energy and Process Engineering, from the University of Kragujevac, Serbia and a second MSc degree in Manufacturing Engineering in 2004. She possesses eleven years of experience in academic research related to materials engineering in micro-technique and energy applications and seven years of industrial experience (CEO, R&D project manager and industrial marketing manager). In 2009 Dr Stojadinovic obtained her PhD degree from the Swiss National Institute of Technology EPFL, Dept. Materials Science and Engineering, Lausanne, CH. Her thesis was nominated for the best EPFL thesis in the field of Material science and technology. In 2009 she joined the Hydrogen and Energy group at EMPA, The Swiss National Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology in Dübendorf, CH, as a postdoctoral researcher on the tasks of the characterization and development of gas separating membranes for electrolytic hydrogen production. In 2011, she joined as a senior scientist the group Semiconductor and Energy Conversion, Center of Electrochemical Sciences, Ruhr-University Bochum (D), where she continued the work on the development and electrochemical characterization of advanced membrane materials for energy conversion systems. In 2015, with the goal to commercialize the innovative membrane material, which was the result of a 5 years long academic engagement, she founded MEMBRASENZ GmbH followed by incorporation of MEMBRASENZ SARL in 2019.