Since 2000 the EHA has been representing and supporting national clusters to promote the use of hydrogen as a clean energy carrier to power stationary and mobile power applications by linking 15 national member associations to EU and national funding facilities.  EHA has developed links with both regional and international institutions, establishing and coordinating a network like the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy, developing a FCH educational material database and the organization of Student events. EHA is Network partner of the UNFCCC Climate Technology Centre and Network.

Marieke Reijalt has been working in fuel cell and hydrogen program development since more than 15 years. First in the US, and since 2002 in Europe, setting up the World Fuel Cell Council office in Italy in 2002. This office facilitated the establishment of the Italian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, H2IT, in 2003 of which she served as a director from 2004 till 2009. In 2006, when the Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations took over the management, she became the executive director of the European Hydrogen Association, EHA in Brussels, after serving as a Board member for 2 years. Since 2008 the EHA is hosting the office of the European Association for Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Electro-mobility HyER, that is currently representing over 36 regions in Europe active in hydrogen infrastructure build-up, fuel cell applications deployment and electromobility integration. Marieke became the coordinator of the HyER’s Brussels office in 2009.