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Ib Chorkendorff is Professor in Heterogeneous Catalysis at the Technical University of Denmark. He got his PhD in 1985 in experimental surface science from Odense University, Denmark. After working as a postdoc with Prof. John T. Yates Jr. at University of Pittsburgh, USA, he was employed in 1987 as Associate Professor at DTU to establish an experimental activity investigating fundamental aspects of heterogeneous catalysis. He became full Professor of Heterogeneous Catalysis at Department of Physics and Department of Chemical Engineering in 1999 and was Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Interdisciplinary Catalysis (ICAT) 1998-2005. From 2005-2016 he was director of Danish National Research Foundation Center for Individual Nanoparticle Functionality (CINF) at Department of physics at DTU. From 2016 he has been Director of The Villum Center for the Science of Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals (V-SUSTAIN). He has authored or co-authored more than 320 scientific papers, 17 patents and a textbook “Concepts of Modern Catalysis and Kinetics”. His research activities focus on investigating fundamental aspects of surface reactions and finding new catalysts for improving energy production/conversion and environmental protection. He is the co-founder of three start-up companies RENCAT APS, HPNOW APS and Spectroinlets APS.

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